Vehicle location

The ability to see on the map and control your vehicles from any place in the world at any time.

Playback review

The visual review of the vehicle’s route on the map.

Different types of reports

The ability to download bunch of different reports about your vehicles’ speed, mileage, visited places, important events (power-off, over-speeding, harsh acceleration etc.), parking places and locations and many others.

Geozones setting

Definition of important zones on the map. When the driver drives in or out of them at a specified time, the administrator is informed about it.

Remote engine power off

The ability to disable a starter of the vehicle with a single button click.

Back-up battery

With the help of the backup battery you can see your vehicle‘s location up to four hours even after the power is off.

Emergency button

Be informed about the dangers or unexpected situations, happened to your driver.

Tapping in the driver’s cabin

You can call to the driver‘s cabin and listen what is happening in it.

POI list

The list of places, that need to be visited (POI). For example, customers, places of delivery etc. You can set as many POI as you whish and take control over the driver if he visits all of them in time.

ECO green driving

You can take a control over driver‘s behavior and ensure neat driving by getting a notification about harsh braking, fast acceleration, power On for a long time, when the vehicle is parked, etc.

Street View function

With the help of this function you can see the photo of the exact place, where the driver currently is.

Control of different machinery

Take a control over different machinery, pumps, lifts, concrete mixer – moving or stationary – work.