Should you have any questions, contact us, to tell your needs or agree about the meeting, during which we could discuss about everything in more detailed way and demonstrate the work of the system.

What constitutes the monthly fee?

  • server support, system administration, technical support
  • software update
  • update of software setting
  • update of maps

What warranty is given to equipment?

Equipment has 12 to 36 months guarantee, depending on the chosen decision.


What is the term for a contract?

The contract can be fixed-term or an open-ended one, depending on the chosen decision.

What is an equipment like?

Its appearance reminds of a standard vehicle alarm block. It is installed in a secret place with possibility to connect external wires to it.

How long does it take to install the device?

Usually it takes up to one hour.

Can I get a device for testing?

Yes, you can. Please, contact us.

What SIM cards operate with the equipment?

We strongly recommend using specially adapted telemetry SIM cards.

Can I use my own SIM cards.

Yes, you can.

How long is the information stored in the server?

We store our customers’ data up to six months. The deadline may be extended if there is such necessity.

What data shall I see?

Normally, you will see the current and former property location, speed, distance traveled, visited sites and geozones, combustion status (on / off), the voltage of the object, parking place, time, data of the mechanisms’  work, etc. In case you need special features, reports, contact us, most likely we will be able to do this for you.

How often is the information about vehicle updated?

Information from the GPS mobile device is transmitted to the server  in defined and agreed with customer frequency. These parameters can be changed.


In what area can I track my vehicles?

You can track your vehicles in all parts of the world, where there is a GSM coverage. Even when the GSM signal is lost, data continues to be recorded in the internal memory of the device from which, when the signal is restored, they are transmitted to the server.

Do I need to install a special software in order to use your system?

No, there is no need to install additional software, you only need to have a computer (or mobile device) and the Internet.

Is it possible to use the system for a theft prevention?

Yes, you can use it for the prevention of the theft.

Can I move the device from the old vehicle to the new one?

Yes, you can. Our installers will dismantle the equipment and install it into your new vehicle.

Can I install the equipment myself?

Yes. Probably you would be able to do that with our installers’ remote help. Basic electronics knowledge is needed for that.

Can a company have several users (e.g. for the customers, freight forwarders, etc.)?

When using our services, we can provide you with the required number of users with separate logins.