Heavy transport

The GPS system is useful both for freight vehicles, trucks, vans, as well as passenger transport. With the help of geozone function, you will know when the vehicle came to a defined territory and how long it stayed in there before leaving. You will also know if all the necessary sites were visited and view  mileage, travel, parking and other reports.


GPS vehicle monitoring system is successfully used by vehicle rental, taxi companies, as well as private individuals. As a rule, these vehicle owners are interested in speeding, sudden braking / acceleration and other Green Driving reports, as well as geozone feature that helps to control employees, using company cars, abuse.  A good preventive measure against insolvent vehicle renters is a remote engine lock.

Agriculture machinery

Farmers are our common customers. They are happy to be able to control their tractors, combine harvesters, self-propelled trucks, sprayers, grinders and other equipment. Visual movement reports help to see the plowed land in detail. Telemetry device is a great safeguard against the theft.

Motorcycles, ATVs

Owners of these vehicles are usually interested in knowing where their vehicle is and receive information, if at some point the vehicle is being towed. It is a good theft prevention.

Construction vehicles

These are bulldozers, loaders, graders, road construction, concrete and other machinery, the owners of which are usually interested in knowing the location, hours of operation, as well as controlling the work time of different mechanisms, getting the  reports on when, where and how long has the mechanism of a lift, concrete etc. has been raised.

Other equipment

GPS vehicle monitoring and control system can be applied to the majority of vehicles, e.g. various forest works and utility equipment, marine transport, etc.  Contact us and we will offer you the right solution.